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A Pioneering Nonprofit Declares National Disability Awareness Week

A Pioneering Nonprofit Declares National Disability Awareness Week

(Wayne, New Jersey) October 12, 2007,- Community Options, Inc., a national nonprofit organization providing residential, employment and recreational opportunities to men, women and children with developmental disabilities across the country is declaring October 22, 2007 through October 26, 2007 as National Disability Awareness Week.

Marty Markowitz, The Borough President of Brooklyn, New York State Senator Eric Adams, Congresswomen, Yvette Clark, John Cook, Mayor of El Paso, Texas, Scott Rumana, Mayor of Wayne Township, New Jersey, Brian Reid, Mayor of Forked River, New Jersey, Luke Ravenstahl, Mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Jody Folk Deputy to the First Lady in Nashville, Tennessee will be joining Community Options in their respective locations throughout the country on Monday, October 22, 2007 to read proclamations declaring this week National Disability Awareness Week.

“We are excited about this new beginning. We see the declaration of Awareness week as a building block. The National Disability Awareness Week was developed by the Community Options National Development Council which serves to act as a vehicle that educates the public about individuals with developmental disabilities, advocate on their behalf and to promote unique and innovative fundraising opportunities throughout the country. Disability Awareness Week also serves to gain momentum for our national fundraiser for 2008 –“iWalk because iMatter” said Jessica Guberman, Ph.D. Chair of the National Development Council for Community Options.

Individuals with disabilities have the right to maximize their potential by making the most of their intellect, talents and abilities in an environment free of physical, programmatic and attitudinal barriers. More than 1 million individuals with disabilities successfully entered the workforce since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990. New generations of young people with disabilities are contributing to our society and their own fulfillment of the American dream striving to attain economic independence through self-sufficiency and gainful employment.

‘Disability is a very objective condition – it knows no boundaries relative to income, race, religion or political affiliation.  Disabilities can happen to anyone at anytime. “With all of the controversy over the work force and the lack of it, our country is so remiss overlooking people with disabilities as a resource for meeting their employment needs.  According to national averages, 92% of all persons with disabilities are unemployed or underemployed.  We want to raise the awareness of the public to call us and let us fill your needs for jobs,” said Robert Stack, President and CEO of Community Options.

Community Options has proudly assisted over 5,000 individuals with developmental disabilities across the country gain meaningful employment since 1989. Our organization provides the most creative and unique opportunities for individuals with disabilities to enter the workforce and to enhance the quality of their lives through this independence. Community Options has also served over 6,000 individuals with disabilities in residential placements such as group homes and supervised apartments throughout the country since 1989. These residential opportunities create meaningful relationships and lifetime connections for the people we support.