An Excerpt from the Annual Report 2024

Dear Friends of Community Options,

Our nonprofit has consistently remained the provider of choice for persons with disabilities. Throughout challenges and victories Community Options has improved the quality of life for those we support. We develop housing and bolster employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. We firmly believe that anyone with disabilities can live and work in the community. Our nonprofit allocates resources to empower persons with disabilities to believe in themselves and harness their abilities to enjoy life.

People with disabilities were the last United States minority group to have their civil rights codified. Understanding the history of deinstitutionalization and the human rights movement that gathered momentum in the 1960s is crucial not only to contextualize Community Options’ history, philosophies and importance, but for background as we simultaneously recognize how far the community has come, and acknowledge the ways in which disinvestment in inclusionary practice persists.

History has proved that the systems that favor the isolation and neglect of people with disabilities are not predetermined or implacable; we know that people with disabilities belong in the community, and they are capable of thriving there with the right support. Attitudes and perceptions can also shift. What will remain are the ideals upon which Community Options was founded in 1989; that inclusion, self-determination, dignity and access are rights for everyone, including those with the most severe and profound disabilities.

We remain optimistic as we continue to facilitate and create new and long-lasting relationships with family members and government leaders. Our board and leadership remain determined to continue growing our footprint around the country while advocating for institutional closure.

We will continue to educate the public on what many of these extraordinary individuals are capable of when treated as equals in their community. Community Options has made great strides in the fight for the rights of people with disabilities.

Thank you for your continued support of our mission.


Robert Stack
Founder, President and CEO