An Excerpt from the Annual Report 2020

Dear Friends of Community Options,

As a society we do all it takes to make our lives better. We do all it takes to achieve a good life. “Happiness” according to Aristotle “depends on ourselves.” We celebrate thirty years of doing all it takes to work with others to facilitate happiness in themselves.  All it takes is the belief that a person with disabilities can live, work and experience happiness in their life. All it takes are parents, government leaders and our staff to work together to facilitate belonging for persons with disabilities.

Currently we employ over 5,500 people with varied job titles and responsibilities. The most important element of their job description is to facilitate happiness within the lives of persons with disabilities we support.

As we look forward to the next thirty years, I hope that you join us in taking pride in everything that we have accomplished together to lay the groundwork for the future. The idea of “All It Takes” began with a grassroots advocacy group at a New Jersey kitchen table in 1989 evolving into a national non-profit supporting thousands of individuals with disabilities throughout the country.

We facilitate institutional closure and work with the community to eliminate large facilities as an option. We work closely with government and community leaders to ensure legislative and regulatory initiatives positively impact the lives of people with disabilities. We have made tremendous strides. We know that progress is always attainable for those who are willing to give all it takes.

In the coming years we look forward to cultivating our partnerships with family members and governments. We will continue to work towards our goal of maintaining the highest quality of excellence in all of our services. Our mission drives us, and your continued support sustains us. We will remain steadfast in our commitment to be champions for the rights of people with disabilities.

Please join me in supporting our staff and families who bravely explore the opportunities to do all it takes for persons we support to have freedom and dignity. Because there will always be new challenges and new frontiers, we will continue to do all it takes.

Warmest Regards,

Robert Stack
President and CEO
Community Options, Inc.