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Atlas Corps fellow Mustafa Barood, Alsalame, Sudan

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Atlas Corps fellow Mustafa Barood, Alsalame, Sudan

Atlas Corps fellow Mustafa Barood, Alsalame, Sudan

Mustafa Barood, Alsalame, Sudan

Mustafa Barood has over ten years of practical working experience in the non-profit sector and has earned a degree in English language from Elnelain University Faculty of Arts, Department of English. Supported by the American Refugee Committee and ARC Leads (Learning Education and Development System), Mustafa has also attended many online Training courses –including courses on project management, financial essentials, and strategic execution. Mustafa has also attended an international training course in Methods and Tools for Project Monitoring and Evaluation in ICD institute for Capacity Development South Africa (Pretoria). Mustafa has been working with the American Refugee Committee International as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer; he has gained experiences in the areas of community development, and implementation. He has conducted program monitoring and evaluation in the fields health, nutrition, reproductive health, food security & livelihoods, water sanitation and hygiene, ER/NFIs (Emergency response and non-food Items) and Peace building projects funded by international organizations. He developed tools and coordinated program assessment exercises across the country and has vast experience in the design and execution of a range of tools and methodologies for program assessments. Mustafa has contributed immensely to ARC project successes–his major achievements include developing the Country Program Logical framework, developing indicators for a tracking Matrix for countrywide ARC programs, creating assessment and evaluation questionnaires, and designing SPSS for the data analysis system. Mustafa has developed strong research, analytical, and leadership skills, and he is very interested in research/study activities such as assessment, project evaluation, baseline data collection surveys, and special studies.

Fellow Role at Community Options

Mustafa will assist with establishing new employment programs and developing training programs for new employees. He will look for new funding sources and help develop the Community Options Board Advisory Committee. He will also find volunteer opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Atlas Corps connects leading social change organizations with experienced professionals from around the world for a yearlong fellowship designed to strengthen organizations, develop leaders and foster innovation. Atlas Corps Fellows are leaders in their home countries with 2 to 10 years of professional experience; they speak fluent English, and 65% hold post-graduate degrees (e.g., MD, JD, PhD, MBA, etc.). This highly competitive fellowship program receives over 3000 leaders from 300 countries applied for 90 placements – a 3.0% acceptance rate. Learn more about Atlas Corps at