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Celebrating The 25Th Anniversary Of Community Options

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Celebrating The 25Th Anniversary Of Community Options

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor Community Options of New Jersey, as they celebrate their 25th anniversary this year.


Founded in 1989, Community Options, Inc. was established around the belief that all people should have the freedom to experience the highest degree of self-determination. The non-profit is built around that philosophy and provides housing and support services, and advocates on behalf of people with disabilities.


Originating in New Jersey, Community Options has expanded its services across multiple states to support people with mental retardation, autism, physical disabilities, traumatic brain injury and dual diagnoses. Recognizing that people with the most severe disabilities require environments and support that are tailored to very specific needs, Community Options works with state and county based authorities to facilitate community placement and work opportunities that encourage individual choice and flexibility.


Community Options is the sixth-largest nonprofit organization in New Jersey, and has developed a number of partnerships with Non-Governmental Organizations in countries across the world. Providing advocacy assistance to empower people with disabilities, Community Options believes that all people, regardless of disability level, should live and work in the community with dignity, choice and self-determination.


I have seen firsthand how their facilities in Wayne and Morristown work to create the best possible environment for persons with disabilities. This includes 24-hour residential services, supported employment to match people with disabilities for competitive jobs, entrepreneurial businesses, as well as programs supporting persons with very significant medical needs.


The mission and work of Community Options has made the nonprofit an important asset to New Jersey. Their continued dedication to support thousands of families, and champion the rights of persons with disabilities, is to be commended.


Mr. Speaker, I ask you and my colleagues to join me in congratulating Community Options, Inc. of New Jersey as they celebrate their 25th anniversary.