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Nonprofit Appoints New Executive Director to Lead Enterprise Expansion


Local Nonprofit Appoints New Executive Director to Lead Enterprise Expansion

Community Options, Inc. appoints Christopher Dixon to head employment services for the disabled

Princeton, February 11, 2009: Community Options has named a new Executive Director of employment services for the disabled. Christopher J. Dixon, a long-time employee of the organization has accepted this new role with open arms. With a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master’s degree in healthcare administration, Christopher is excited for this new challenge. “I am anxious to see the landscape of community-based employment services evolve for people with disabilities,” says, Dixon. “ The days of the sheltered workshop are over-it is time think outside of the box and align our services with what people really want,” added Dixon. Community Options has never endorsed a sheltered workshop setting and has developed programming options and enterprise business’s across the country to ensure that people with disabilities do real work for real pay.

“We are thrilled to have Christopher as our Executive Director of Community Options Enterprises, “says, Robert Stack, President and CEO of Community Options, Inc. “Christopher has a wealth of knowledge and experience that align with our mission and philosophy and I am confident he will be a tremendous asset and advocate to persons with disabilities as we expand our enterprises across the country,” Stack said.

Community Options is the nation’s fastest growing nonprofit organization supporting people with developmental disabilities and while this growth is substantial, the quality of our supports is never compromised. Community Options provides the highest level of quality support and innovation in all program design.

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