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Community Options bring in Broome County Sheriff’s Department

July 28, 2022 | article online

Community Options is hosting a three week long summer camp to help students with disabilities prepare for the working world.

The campers were visited by the Greater Southern Tier BOCES to talk about their adult educational programs, as well as the Broome County Sheriffs Department who shared about their work including their K-9 unit.

Maggie McNamara, the Director of Transition says the program is backed by a five year grant from the New York Department of Education, and covers subjects like self advocacy, work readiness, job exploration, post secondary, and work based learning.

Director of Transition at Community Options says, “It serves students between ages of 14 and twenty one, with a disability and enrolled in school an opportunity to start leaning and exploring the tools and trades that they are going to need to be successful adults in competitive employment”.

McNamara stated there are variations of how many attendees there are based on their interests, but says that there are around fifteen students at camp per day, overall reaching about 150 students.

There is still time to register for the final week of camp which runs from August 9th through 11th.

To reach Mrs. McNamara for registration, email