Community Options CEO Grateful For Support from Local Dealership

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April 22, 2020 |

Community Options is a nationally based nonprofit Organization founded in 1989 by Robert Stack. The missions is to develop housing and employment for people with significant levels of disability. During this COVID-19 crisis Community Options has been mandated to dose all Its adult programs and programs for students with disabilities who attend community based work activities.

During a time when our nonprofit struggles to provide needed care to persons with dis-abilities in group homes in central New Jersey, It Is so refreshing to receive assistance from an unexpected philanthropist.

You can imagine our surprise to find the Haldeman Ford/Subaru GM, Greg Hritz, dropping off a check for $25,000. While their industry is struggling with the challenges of COVID-19, they remembered our direct care staff providing care to people with disabilities in group homes with such a generous contribution.

President and CEO, Community Options Princeton