Community Options Enterprises Staff Transitions to COI Residential Hero

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Nijah Bishop

Nijah Bishop joined Community Options Enterprises as a DSP at our Princeton Daily Plan in 2017. On March 17th, the COE day programs were instructed to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nijah was given the option to continue working within one of the residences that Community Options owns and operates. Nijah agreed and has continued to come into work every day without fail, even when three individuals have tested positive for COVID-19. Their positive diagnoses did not change her attitude or willingness to support the individuals served or the staff within the home. She continues to follow the necessary safety measures and assists the individuals with their daily needs as they quarantine at home. Nijah is a true hero and one that Community Options truly appreciates for her hard work and dedication to the individuals we support and the mission of the organization. Read Newsletter.

Princeton, NJ