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Community Options Helping Students with Disabilities Achieve Dream Jobs at Yankee Stadium

July 12, 2022 | Press Release.pdf

Janelli L. working at her internship at Yankee Stadium
Janelli L. working at her internship at Yankee Stadium

New York, NY – Community Options, a national nonprofit supporting people with disabilities, is leading efforts to place over 130 students with significant disabilities into paid internships at Yankee, Stadium. Through a collaboration with the State of New York and Yankee Stadium, Community Options anticipates that over 90% of the students will be offered employment following the internship.

Janelli Lucas was one of the interns who received a job offer. For many years, Janelli did not think she would find meaningful employment. Like many others with learning disabilities, she thought the only jobs available to her were the ones no one else wanted. This Spring, she was referred to Community Options and was excited to learn her internship would be at Yankee Stadium.

“There is a certain feeling you get in Yankee Stadium,” said Janelli Lucas. “You get to enjoy when the fans scream for joy. I feel safe walking in there and ready to work each day.”
Community Options’ internship program consists of 160 hours and is funded by New York State’s Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation, or commonly known as ACCES-VR. The program helps students with disabilities develop the soft skills and transferrable work skills they need to obtain and maintain competitive integrated employment.

“Our vision is for everyone to be able to land their dream job. For many young people growing up in New York City, that dream is to work at Yankee Stadium,” said Robert Stack, President and CEO of Community Options. “This partnership enables us to give youths with disabilities that opportunity and to prove that people with disabilities should not have lower expectations on what they can accomplish.”

The staff at Community Options and Yankee Stadium work together to place the students in positions that match their interest and ability. Students can sample various departments including concessions, merchandise sales, food preparation, IT, warehouse, and guest services. Community Options’ job coaches are on-site as needed to support students.

“It has been a true pleasure to partner with Community Options to place ACCES-VR young adults in paid internships at Yankee Stadium,” said Cherise Davis, Workforce and Business Relations Specialist for ACCES-VR. “Yankee Stadium is changing lives — and serving as an example to other employers — that differently-abled people deserve an opportunity to contribute their skills to the workforce, to improve their lives and benefit everyone in society.”

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About Community Options, Inc.:
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