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Community Options, Inc. Welcomes New CFO

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Community Options, Inc. Welcomes New CFO

PRINCETON, NJ, December 6, 2012– Community Options, Inc. (COI), a Princeton based non-profit announces the appointment of David P. Sweeney as its new Chief Financial Officer.

Mr. Sweeney is responsible for all financial responsibilities and assists in performing all tasks necessary to achieve the organization’s mission. COI employs 3,000 staff members in 35 offices, located in eight states, with a budget of $82 million.

Mr. Sweeney spent his career working in the healthcare sector managing operations and resolving debt issues. Prior to joining COI, Mr. Sweeney worked as CFO for St. Barnabas Long Term Care Division. He brings seventeen years of comprehensive financial management experience, with special skills in cash flow management, bad debt control, admission procedures, auditing and accounting processes, and building effective leadership.

Mr. Sweeney’s corporate healthcare experience has allowed him to be an effective manager by controlling costs and increasing cash flows. He stated, “I take great pride in increasing the morale of my team and generating a positive environment while maximizing the efforts of others. My drive comes from the inspiration and love of my family”.

Dave Sweeney graduated from Rutgers Business School, earned his MBA from LaSalle University, and has a C.P.A. license pending in PA. Community Options Inc. is a national nonprofit organization incorporated in 1989 and headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey. The agency provides housing and employment supports to people with disabilities in eight states: Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. ###