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Community Options Syracuse Receives Grant to Maximize Efficiency

December 14, 2015 | Press Release.pdf

Community Options Syracuse Receives Grant to Maximize Efficiency

PRINCETON, NJ (December 14, 2015) – In June, The Central New York Community Foundation awarded 25 grants totaling more than $590,000 to local arts & culture, education, environment and animals, and human services organizations throughout the state.

One of those grants was awarded to Community Options (COI) of Syracuse. The nonprofit received $13,737 from the grant, which will allow Community Options to purchase seven new computers for their homes for people with disabilities and implement an electronic medical records system. The system will help Community Options track individuals’ health and lifestyle goals in order to improve their health and further engage them in the community.

Community Options’ mission is to provide housing and employment support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. One of the goals of the mission is to bring about full community inclusion for people with disabilities. COI recognizes that individuals with disabilities often need support and advocacy assistance in order to realize their dreams and goals. As long as people with disabilities experience higher rates of unemployment, lower wages, and lack opportunities to live in the community, COI’s vision has not been fully realized. Needing new innovative strategies to solve the problem, a better data management system and the computers necessary to use the system will allow for better care for 69 Syracuse residents with disabilities, as well as give COI Syracuse tools and capacity needed to innovate and change the way care is provided for people with disabilities.

The Central New York Community Foundation was established in 1927. They encourage local philanthropy by supporting the growth of permanent charitable endowments for the betterment of the region. The Community Foundation is the largest charitable foundation in the region with assets of nearly $190 million. It awarded $9.9 million in grants last year to nonprofit organizations and since its inception has invested more than $135 million in the community.

About Community Options

For over 25 years, Community Options has developed housing and employment programs for people with disabilities. Community Options operates with a budget over $107 million and serves thousands of people with disabilities through 38 offices across 10 states. Providing advocacy assistance to empower people with disabilities, Community Options believes that all people –regardless of disability level – should live and work in the community with dignity, choice, and self‐determination. A registered PVO with USAID, Community Options is also the pioneer of innovative programs for people with disabilities in the Middle East, Russia, and South America. Please visit our website at