Community Options to Receive Therapeutic Sensory Room

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March 31, 2017 | FOX 40 WICZ TV online article | Article.pdf

FOX 40 WICZ TV - Community Options to Receive Therapeutic Sensory Room



On Friday, A Room to Heal started work on a special sensory room for Community Options in Binghamton.

Studies show stress levels are up in America. While we all can benefit from a relaxing environment, research shows if you have a disability, specially built sensory rooms can be therapeutic. The room at Community Options will be equipped with tactile objects, mirrors, and other stress relieving sensory items that are relaxing to people with disabilities.

"A lot of our individuals require help a lot of tactile things to help if they're having a hard time expressing themselves, they'd be able to come in here and use self calming techniques," says Kellyann Shea, Day Habilitation Coordinator at Community Options.

A Room to Heal and SEFCU are working together on the project. Community Options helps people with disabilities find jobs and housing, along with providing day habilitation programs.