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Courtney Eidel appointed to Chief Compliance Officer at Community Options, Inc.

October 04, 2017 | Press Release.pdf

Courtney Eidel appointed to Chief Compliance Officer at Community Options, Inc.

Courtney Eidel

Courtney Eidel – Chief Compliance Officer at Community Options, Inc.

“With the unpredictability of the Affordable Care Act, Community Options is taking a proactive role to ensure that we are ahead of the curve with compliance for those we support with autism, intellectual and other developmental disabilities,” said President and CEO, Robert Stack. “I am pleased to appoint Courtney to this prestigious post.”

Courtney Eidel brings seventeen years of human resource experience to this position. She received an MBA in 2001 and has worked with Community Options for eight years. Ms. Eidel said, “Ensuring quality is critical to providing the best services possible for those we support.”

Philip Lian, long time Princeton resident and Chairman of Community Options Enterprises said, “Courtney’s knowledge of community based and national developmental disabilities services will enable Community Options to increase independence and quality of life by raising the standards that ensure safe and effective fulfillment and care of our most vulnerable population.”

Based in Princeton, New Jersey, with over 5,000 employees, Community Options is the largest national nonprofit in the country supporting people with disabilities in the community. With the mission of developing employment and training for children and adults with disabilities as well as the operation of more than 500 small homes, Community Options has a proven track record of innovation and creativity for America’s most vulnerable citizens.