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Cupid’s Chase 5K gives runners a good cause

February 11, 2024 | Online Article and KDKA

Community Options hosted the annual race to help raise money for those living with disabilities.

16th annual Cupid’s Chase 5k takes off on Pittsburgh’s North Shore.

Pittsburghers were getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit while also taking advantage of the spring-like weather we’ve been experiencing this February at the Cupid’s Chase 5K.

The race was held on the North Shore and was put on by the nonprofit organization Community Options, with all proceeds going to them to help provide housing and employment services for those living with disabilities.

Pittsburgh’s race is just one of many put on by the organization on Saturday across the United States.

“This event has been around for so long, and everyone looks forward to it,” said Susan Lucas, Citiparks Press Officer. “We just absolutely love it, from a staff perspective, mascot perspective, and for the people of Pittsburgh. It’s a well-received event and we wanted to do something, especially because we couldn’t have the rink open this year.”