Cupid’s Chase 5K kicks off this weekend in Corpus Christi

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February 4, 2020 |

The God of Love is painting the town red this weekend during the Cupid's Chase 5K in Corpus Christi.

Pulling back that bow and our Marisa Cummings is live in studios to let us know a little bit about the impact this Run has on our community Marisa good morning guys I have here Samantha Colter and her whole team here for the Cupid's chase that's what we're gonna talk about today a 5k happening this weekend where do the proceeds go to what is this event benefiting so all of the funds say local here in Corpus Christi and it goes to our organization community options we are national nonprofit we provide housing and employment for people with disabilities and how long have you guys been doing this event so locally in Corpus we've been doing it for 11 years this will be our 11th year nationally 12 years and so it happens all around the country do you know how many other cities this takes part in yeah so I think this year we're having over 30 races I think it's 38 if I'm not mistaken yeah in 10 different states well you guys don't want to miss out come to the Corpus Christi one if you're watching now you're probably in the viewing area so Corpus Christi will probably the closest race to you find out those details on how you guys can participate coming up later in the show back to you guys in the studio. Love it Marissa. Thank you Marissa. okay Alan's joining us