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Cupid's Chase 5K showing Austin runners love

February 13, 2016 | KEYE-TV online article | article.pdf

AUSTIN, Texas — On Saturday people across 30 cities in nine states participated in the eighth annual Cupid’s Chase 5K run.

The event is sponsored by Community Options. Community Options is a national nonprofit organization that provides housing and employment support to people with disabilities.

Every year, Community Options holds their annual 5K to raise money to help support individuals with disabilities in their local communities. The last two years, Community Options has raised over $400,000.

Took 1st Place in my Age Group at the Cupid's Chase 5K. — I'm at Camp Mabry in Austin, TX

Three new locations were added for this year’s 5K, including Sewell, NJ, Austin, TX and Harrisburg, PA.

Participants will receive an “Available” or “Unavailable” shirt to wear for the race in hopes of sparking a love connection.

A new Virtual Participant option, “Cuddle Up for the Cause”, is available for those wishing to support Community Options, but is unable to attend the event. Virtual participants will also receive a T-shirt of their choosing.