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Environmentally Friendly From Start To Finish

Hopewell houseHopewell Township Mayor Michael Markulec; Community Options CEO Robert Stack; Princeton Design Guild Project Architect Christina Loiacono, AIA; Community Options Regional Vice President Svetlana Repic Qira and Hopewell Township Administrator/Engineer Paul Pogorzelski


Environmentally Friendly From Start To Finish

– New Jersey sees its First Sustainable Group Home for People with Disabilities

(Friday, January 15, 2010, Hopewell, New Jersey) – Community Options currently operates seventy group homes supporting people with disabilities across New Jersey. The organization is working on a unique project that has never been done in the state. In partnership with Hopewell Township and Princeton Design Guild, the nonprofit is building the first sustainable group home for people with disabilities in New Jersey.

Plans call for the construction of this home to be LEED for Homes certified. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, provides standards for environmentally sustainable construction Project architecture and construction is being managed by Princeton Design Guild (PDG). Environmentally friendly from start to finish, additional project details call for the disassembly of an existing large barn, relocation and renovation of a smaller barn, dismantling of the original farm house and construction of a new sustainable Community Options home.

PDG will harvest over 10,000 board feet of lumber from the large barn for use in other projects. In addition, the entire original timber frame, flooring and siding from the original farmhouse will be harvested for reuse in historic restoration projects. All glass, metal, non-painted wood, wiring, pipes, stone and concrete is being recycled. Less than 10% of the existing materials will go into a landfill. Lead architect on the project, Christina Loiacono, AIA is accredited as a LEED Green Associate. Designed to blend in with its rural Hopewell setting, the new home will provide a group living environment for four individuals with disabilities and will help satisfy Hopewell Township’s affordable housing goals. Sustainability will guide all aspects of the design and construction of the new home, which will incorporate many environmentally friendly features.

Princeton Design Guild is a full-service design construction firm located in the Princeton area. Serving area clients for over 25 years, PDG is headed by Kevin Wilkes, AIA, supported by a staff of architects, woodworking craftsmen and construction professionals.