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Even During the Recession, National Nonprofit Secures Jobs for People with Disabilities

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Even During the Recession, National Nonprofit Secures Jobs for People with Disabilities

Supported Employment working at desk(Princeton, NJ, Monday, January 11, 2010) – In the late 80’s, Community Options made a commitment to finding jobs for people with disabilities in the community. Almost 21 years later, the organization continues to secure jobs for people with disabilities, even during a recession.

As featured on the PBS Nightly Business Report on December 8, 2009, Community Options knows firsthand how to advocate for people with disabilities and educate and outreach to potential employers to make them aware of the many benefits that come along with hiring people with disabilities.

The organization works to build relationships with employers across the country and the hiring of people with disabilities is usually the end result of the time taken to forge the partnership. “There are statistics that show 66%-85% of all jobs are found through personal connections and 15%-34% through random methods,” says, Robert Stack, President and CEO of Community Options. “We have been successful in finding employment for people with disabilities because we take the time to build relationships,” Stack added.

The organization is kicking off a 2010 Supported Employment Campaign to get even more people with disabilities into jobs. But not just any jobs. Jobs that they love and jobs they want to do. Jobs that are meaningful and jobs that will allow them to build relationships with their non-disabled peers.

To find out more about all of the exciting things going on at Community Options and to become involved in their 2010 Supported Employment Campaign, please visit

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