Fredricka Cross and Willisha Ewing Show Their Dedication in Dallas, Texas

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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fredricka and Willisha, as well as all staff, have been encouraging, stepped up when needed, and haven’t missed a beat.

When the staff was confronted by a person we support because they were upset about not being able to maintain their normal routine, the staff stepped up immediately without being asked and found ways to maintain as much normalcy in their routines as possible while also reassuring the supported person that all would be okay.

One staff has a family member in Michigan that has COVID-19, but you would never know because she is always displaying an upbeat, positive attitude while on the job. She continuously provides reassurance and encouragement to the people we support.

Fredricka and Willisha recognize how important it is to stay positive with the individuals and that their morale is easily picked up on. The staff have even said that they feel the safest during this time when working in the group homes because of the proactive measures that have been taken to keep our staff and the people we support safe.

We continue to be humbled in Dallas, as well as all regions, at the acts of kindness, dedication, and bravery that our Direct Support Professionals are showing through all of this. It is truly heartwarming to see them all come together to keep the homes staffed and the people we support engaged and active, while still taking care of their own families. We are forever grateful for each of them! Read newsletter.

Dallas, TX