Transitioning People with Disabilities from Crowded, Congregate Facilities to Protect Them from COVID-19

Currently hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities continue to be housed in state-run or state-contracted institutions, or nursing homes, making them very vulnerable to the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Centers Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently issued a 66-page toolkit to encourage and help states rebalance long-term care offerings for people with disabilities to favor home and community-based services over large institutions.  We need federal and state authorities to act quickly on these guidelines to protect countless lives of people with disabilities

Community Options CEO Robert Stack sent a to letter calling on further action from CMS

He also sent a letter to states with the worst problems of warehousing people with disabilities in institutions or nursing homes, urging them to take action to quickly transition their residents out of these facilities. The letters went to NJ, NY, PA, SC, NC, TX and IL.

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End Warehousing of People with Disabilities

Opinion Editorial .pdf End Warehousing of People with Disabilities By: Robert Stack Seventeen years ago I was an executive assistant and was told to take the then Junior Assemblyman, now a member of Congress, Rodney Frelinghuysen to the Vineland Developmental Center for a tour. His assistant shrieked in horror to see a naked woman (hand,…

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A Conversation with COI President and CEO Robert Stack

SPECIAL FOCUS: CORPORATE PHILANTHROPY – Commerce Magazine article – By John Joseph Parker, Contributing Editor – December 2009 Business with a Social Purpose: A Conversation with COI President and CEO Robert Stack Thursday, Feb, 9, 1989, could have been just another day; but for hundreds of people with developmental disabilities, it was a turning point in…

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Making a Difference article – Georgia Council on DD – October 2009 – Article By Bill Lewis Deinstitutionalization Major Issue as Funding Tightens Up As more studies become available about people with disabilities leaving large congregate settings and developing more person-centered, individualized and community-based lives, the same stories keep emerging. With increases in independence being…

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Transition or Ground Hog Day

The Star-Ledger article – Robert Stack – October 23, 2009, 10:31AM Transition or Ground Hog Day I was cleaning out some old files and I came across Governor Jon S. Corzine’s “Final Report- Human Services Transition Policy Group,” from 2006. At the time, I was involved with these issues, I thought this effort was worthwhile.…

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Don't institutionalize disabled

October 06, 2009 – Omaha World-Herald article .pdf Don’t institutionalize disabled In response to a Sept. 26 news story, “Beatrice center nears losing funds,” I believe a basic understanding of civil rights leads to the conclusion that it is questionable to utilize state institutions as warehouses for people with developmental disabilities. These institutions are a…

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Shameful relic

Corpus Christi Caller Times article Letters to the Editor: 09.30.09 –  Wednesday, September 30, 2009 Shameful relic The horrific trials about systemic organized abuse at the Corpus Christi State School are insidious. What is worse is the fact that the strategic approach towards fixing it is not effective. State schools cannot be fixed by changing…

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Life on the outside

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Sunday Forum: Life on the outside 8/16/2009 4:57 PM – OPINION / PERSPECTIVES Bernard Krakosky works as a receptionist for New Jersey’s Department of Human Services. He owns his own condominium and, at one time in his life, he resided in a state institution. Bernard is an example of what a person…

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Institutions not right for people

Austin American-Statesman – A Texas-sized mistake? COMMENTS FROM READERS – Thursday, July 23, 2009 Institutions not right for people A basic understanding of civil rights leads to the conclusion that state schools warehousing people with developmental disabilities have outlasted their questionable utility; they are a shameful relic of failed public policy and outdated attitudes toward…

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National President and CEO Spends Week in Washington meeting with Top Advisors

PRESS WEEK National President and CEO Spends Week in Washington meeting with Top Advisors Robert Stack, President and CEO of Community Options, Inc. works to change the lives of people with disabilities Princeton, July 10, 2009: This may have been a normal work week for you but for one President and CEO, it was anything…

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