Job Placement Employer Education

Establishes contacts with local professional and civic organizations and chambers of commerce so that Community Options representatives can give presentations about its programs.

Quality Assurance

Coordinates site visits, surveys and spot checks throughout the services provided in the local area program to ensure quality. Reports directly to an officer or Board member on a quarterly basis with this information. Reviews Unusual Incident Report data and makes recommendations to Board on modifications that should be made.


Special fundraising events provide critical opportunities for attendees to be educated about the supports offered by Community Options, while also getting to know individuals with disabilities who attend these events. Each fundraising event should have a committee to assist in coordinating the event, publicizing the event, and assuring attendance by individuals in the local and corporate business world.

Public Relations

Coordinates efforts in the area of public relations, including newspaper and magazine articles, radio and TV spots, speaking engagements, etc. The purpose is to educate the public on the philosophy, mission and efforts of Community Options.

Corporate Contacts

The efforts of this subcommittee directly support all of the above subcommittees. Contact with the corporate world is critical for job placement, employer education, fundraising, and public relations. This subcommittee assists Community Options in establishing and maintaining key contacts within the corporate sector through professional and personal contacts and corporate-based events.

Community Support

Identifies community members who are able to provide support to individuals with disabilities as they build full lives in the community. This can include a wide variety of issues, including creative approaches to housing options, opportunities for individuals to participate in and support their communities through civic activities, options for pursuit of leisure, and alternative financial support.