How COBAC Members Support COI Efforts

The members of COBAC are a group of volunteers who are interested in assisting persons with disabilities in becoming active and contributing members of their community while ensuring that quality assurance is maintained throughout the local program in their area. Because COBAC members come from diverse professional backgrounds, they offer immeasurable assistance to Community Options and the individuals we support with job placement and development, access to community resources, marketing, financial advice, fundraising and other activities that lead to the visibility and participation of individuals with disabilities within their communities.

All COBAC members provide support through contacts they have within the community and their desire to support each individual in building a full life in the community. In addition to this, representatives from specific types of businesses lend support through their particular expertise. Some examples are:

Assist with fiscal and financial matters

Assist with public relations and promotion of events

Give advice and assistance with legal issues such as consumer rights and housing contracts

Access to banking services, mortgages

Construction Contractors
Advise and assist with construction and Renovations, give advice on budgetary preparation for capital projects, lend assistance with repairs and maintenance of existing properties

Access to training and educational opportunities; resources for volunteers and interns

Fraternal Organizations
Access to local businesses; resources for volunteers

Provide locations for COBAC meetings, networking and/or fundraising events; job opportunities

Medical Professionals
Access to medical services; assistance with recruitment of support staff (nurses), access to training opportunities

Location and acquisition of residential/commercial property