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Give Your Mother a Gift with a Purpose This Year

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Give Your Mother a Gift with a Purpose This Year

PRINCETON, NJ- This Mother’s Day, send a gift of flowers to show your mother how much you appreciate all she does. While it really is the thought that counts when it comes to giving, everyone knows the amazingly rewarding feeling of giving a gift that is truly special. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you are s ending a present that your mom will display in her home not only because it is thoughtful, but because she loves it as well? Shower the moms in your life with love and affection this Mother’s Day by sending them the best. Beautiful, fresh flowers make such the perfect gift, and with Vaseful, ordering them is easy and convenient.

Vaseful, a Community Options Enterprise, is a unique, non-profit floral business that provides employment for people with disabilities in an integrated setting. While working at Vaseful, employees are able to learn valuable retail skills such as credit card processing, receiving phone and internet orders, shipping and distribution, inventory management, and of course, floral processing and arranging. Most importantly, however, the shop allows individuals- who may otherwise not be given a chance to do so- to work in the community and have control over their own lives.

“Supporting people with disabilities through a business model like Vaseful, we are revolutionizing the manner in which people experience real work for real pay,” says Steve Verba, Managing Director of Community Options Enterprises, Inc. “Vaseful is a replicable entrepreneurial business model that not only serves the needs of our customer base but also places people with disabilities in an inclusive setting,” Verba added.

Vaseful is a charming flower shop with locations in New Brunswick and Hillsborough, NJ. While Vaseful delivers to most of the surrounding area, the shop works with an international network of florists, and can arrange to have your order delivered to almost any location. Vaseful’s team of professional florists has over 35 years in the floral industry, and specializes in contemporary, traditional, and high-style floral arrangements, silks, wedding flowers and special events. Each order is made to suit the needs and budget of the customers!

With Mother’s day just around the corner, stop in o r call Vaseful to place an order, so that all the mothers in your life know they are loved on their special day, and each and every day! Aren’t sure what to send? Call Vaseful, and speak to one of our expert florists! We are always happy to give advice to our customers, with your budget in mind. The second Sunday in May is one of the busiest days of the year for florists; so don’t wait until the last minute! Call 1-877-VASEFUL today!

Community Options Inc. (COI) is a national nonprofit organization incorporated in 1989 and headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey. The organization provides residential and employment supports to people with disabilities. The agency philosophy is that all people can and should live and work in the community, regardless of their level of disability. COI currently operates in Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. For more info please visit ###