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Governor Murphy Praises Community Options for Providing Energy Independence to People with Disabilities

October 04, 2021 | Press Release.pdf | Attached: Letter from Governor Phil Murphy

Princeton, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy congratulated Community Options, Inc. on their effort to provide energy independence to people with disabilities and praised them for doing their part in reducing their carbon footprint in the state.

Community Options is a national nonprofit that supports 5,000 people with disabilities through innovative housing and employment programs in 10 states. Community Options is installing solar panels on 33 of its homes in New Jersey.

Solar panels can have life-saving implications for homes where people with significant disabilities live. Battery storage systems will be installed to enable homes to be resilient in the event of a power outage.

In a letter to Community Options, Governor Murphy expressed:

“On behalf of the State of New Jersey, I would like to congratulate Community Options, Inc. on the installation of 33 solar panels to your group homes.

“We in the Garden State are leaders in renewable energy and this large solar project adds to our environmental mission. These 33 solar panels will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but will provide backup power that is essential for people with disabilities who require powered wheelchairs or medical equipment.

“As Governor, I sincerely thank Community Options for enacting this solar panel project. Your work is greatly helping our state become more sustainable and affordable for all.”

The solar panel project was made possible through the generosity of Spano Partners Holdings, LLC. (SPH), which donated all the solar panels installed on Community Options’ homes.

“From Elon Musk to Governor Murphy, we as a nonprofit want to reduce fossil fuel dependency. The transitions are costly, and we need support from both the private and public sector throughout the country,” said Robert Stack, President and CEO of Community Options.


About Community Options, Inc.: 

For over 30 years, Community Options has developed housing and employment supports for people with disabilities – serving thousands of people from over 40 offices across 10 states. Community Options provides advocacy assistance to empower people with disabilities because all people – regardless of ability level – should live and work in the community with dignity, choice and self-determination. For more information, please visit our website: and to follow along with the #AllItTakes campaign, search #AllItTakes on FacebookTwitter and Instagram