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Hundred Lace-Up for Cupid's Chase Run

2/14/2015 | Fox 40 WICZ TV Original Article | Article.pdf

Hundred Lace-Up for Cupid’s Chase Run

Several couples are skipping that traditional Valentine’s dinner and opting for a Valentine’s Day run.
Nearly 100 runners braved this morning’s cold at Otsinengo Park for the 7th annual Cupid’s Chase 5K Race. The organization sponsoring the run is helping a family’s son overcome a life challenge.

“Community Options means a lot to us for what they do with helping out people with special needs and helping them lead a normal life for lack of a better term, and just get out and be members of society,” said Brian Jewett, Cupid’s Chase 5K participant.

The nation wide race supports Community Options — an organization in Broome County that assists individuals with disabilities and helps them find residential housing and employment.

Jewett runs every year in support if his son who suffers from autism.
But this year, it wasn’t just the cold weather he had to deal with.

“Me and my son were running a warrior dash and I took a little bit of a spill and dislocated my foot and broke my leg and had surgery to repair it,” said Jewett.”

The hearts that our community have and who come out and support our individuals and the volunteers and the sponsors that we get shows the enormous support the community has for Community Options and our individuals with disabilities,” said Amanda Rick, Executive Director of Community Options.

Participants in Cupid’s Chase had two options of attire: a white shirt if they were in a relationship or a red shirt if they were single.

Most couples say this holiday race would be most memorable.

“We’re planning on sticking together. I’m gonna make him walk. I can’t run anymore so we’re going to walk and enjoy it,” said Tony Holmes and Margaret Hulbert, Cupid’s Chase 5K participants.

Jewett was just one parent among many running in support of a child with a disability– and he says his son is high functioning because of the help of organizations like Community Options.
“Just stick with it and get them the help that they need.
It’s definitely out there.
We have a great support group for our son and just look for that support and find it and just stay strong for your children,” said Jewett.

Nine other state held Cupid’s Chase races and Binghamton’s temperature has got all the other states beat this morning — with runners competing in 15-degree weather.