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In the midst of an election, power couple continues to give back

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In the midst of an election, power couple continues to give back

Published on 11/04/2011
Gail Gordon and Senator Bob Gordon certainly have their plates full these days. Gordon is running for re-election and you would think that all of their time and resources were dedicated solely to ensuring this happens. Well, it is, however, they both seem to find time to continue to give back regardless of how full their schedules may become.
Gail recently joined national nonprofit, Community Options, as the national Chair of the
Cupid’s Chase 5K Run. The Cupid’s Chase 5K Run is the country’s largest 5K charity run and she leads twenty-five other local chairs across the country to work to gain sponsorships and in-kind donations. Gail believes in the mission of Community Options, which is to develop homes and employment for people with disabilities. Every month, she participates in a meeting with the planners for the Cupid’s Chase 5K and participates in a weekly conference call with fundraisers for the event to ensure that everything is on track.
“I consider it an absolute honor to serve as the Chair of the Cupid’s Chase 5K Run. I can think of no better way to give back than to be part of such a profound movement,” says Gordon.

Senator Gordon is no stranger either to giving back as he serves as the local Glen Rock Cupid’s Chase 5K Chair and also had this responsibility in 2011 as well. Gordon has spent time visiting some of Community Options’ group homes in the spring of 2011, which confirmed his commitment to serving another year as the 2012 chair. Gordon meets with the Glen Rock committee every month to go over logistics to prepare for the day of the run.

Last year, Gordon trained and ran in the Glen Rock run alongside the Real Housewives of New Jersey and did exceedingly well. The Glen Rock Cupid’s Chase hosted over three hundred people in 2011 and for 2012, is expecting that number to double.
Community Options is led by Robert Stack, President and CEO who also founded the
organization in his home in 1989. Today, the organization support thousands of people with disabilities and their families in thirty-seven cities across ten states with the help of over 2,600 employees.