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Indie Rock Songwriter becomes Chair of South Jersey Charity 5K

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Indie Rock Songwriter becomes Chair of South Jersey Charity 5K

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October 14, 2011– (Forked River, New Jersey) Community Options, Inc., a national nonprofit organization that develops homes and employment for people with disabilities is proud to welcome Nelly Levon, Indie Rock Songwriter of The Devyl Nelly’s, as the Chair of the Stone Harbor Cupid’s Chase 5K Run.

Cupid’s Chase 5K is the country’s largest, simultaneous charity event in the country and holds 5K’s in 25 cities across 10 states on the same day and same time, Valentine’s Day weekend.

Levon is passionate about the cause of the organization and says, “People deserve a chance to develop themselves socially and professionally, interact with the community, and to develop their skills in organized work places. I commend Community Options and everyone who works with the company for recognizing this need and moving forward to support individuals.”

Levon hopes to raise awareness about Community Options’ mission and philosophy and to generate a positive message that will help the event to grow and become a fun and healthy way for people to become involved with the organization.

Levon has the same goal with her music – to reach people. Levon uses music as an outlet to help one’s spirit in the hopes it will help people get through their bad days. Levon writes and sings about every day life and celebrating the journey.

In supporting this cause, Levon says, “I hope people can also see that outside of your professional life it is important to be a part of something bigger and to give back to the community.”

To learn more about The Devyl Nelly’s, you can visit them on Facebook at and on Twitter @thedevylnellys. Community Options anticipates 15,000 people nationwide will participate in the Cupid’s Chase 5K run on February 11, 2012. To register, visit and get to know the event on Facebook at

About Community Options: Community Options is a national nonprofit organization founded in 1989 by Robert Stack that works to develop homes and employment for people with disabilities. Community Options operates in 37 cities across 10 states supporting thousands of people with disabilities and their families with the help of over 2,500 employees.