Leadership Personified by Latoya Scott in New York City

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Christian, John, Latoya, and Anthony in the kitchen of a home in NYC

Christian, John, Latoya, and Anthony

Being in a crisis situation can reveal a lot about someone. Some people only tend to think about themselves while conversely, others thrive by putting the wellbeing of others above themselves.

Latoya Scott, Sr. DSP in NYC, is one of those brave souls who showed her true nature in fulfilling her duties during the COVID-19 pandemic. While she was already dedicated to providing the best possible service, she went above and beyond to provide the best quality of care to those we support during this period of uncertainty. Although she has a small child at home, she sacrificed her free time with her family to pick up additional shifts. She has brought a calming presence to the house. When the individuals are asking questions and are panicking by what they see and hear in the news, she goes deep in her heart to find the right words to reassure them. In addition, if she feels that more is needed, she is quick to reach out to other members of the team to make sure that the individuals remain safe both physically and mentally. While others may think that Latoya is just doing her job, the individuals and management in NYC know that she is a true hero worthy of recognition and celebration! Read More.


New York City, NY