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Legislators visit group homes for the disabled

Mike Davis – The Times Article .pdf – on October 26, 2013 at 7:50 AM

PRINCETON — Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R-Hillsborough) and Assemblywoman Donna Simon (R-Readington) last week visited two group homes on Federal Court and North Harrison Street which serve people with disabilities.

The two group homes, part of the Community Options network, house residents with disabilities as they look for jobs and explore the community.

“Every community has underserved and vulnerable populations,” Ciattarelli said. “The housing provided by Community Options, which empowers people with disabilities, is a very critical element of every community’s housing plan.”

“We witnessed the high caliber of care that Community Options offer their residents and our visit proved that adults with special needs are well cared for and feel a sense of family and community,” Simon said. “Their homes are inviting, warm, well kept and an impressive sense of belonging.”

The North Harrison Street home was donated by the former Princeton Township in 2010. Community Options purchased the Federal Court home in 1994.