Leon Howze as Well as Other Staff go Above and Beyond in Syracuse

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A woman standing with Leon HowzeA woman standing with Leon Howze As we experience a “different normal” amid the COVID-19 virus, there are times of worry, frustration, and uncertainty. Do we have enough healthy staff to care for the individuals? Do we have enough PPE? Will the individuals and staff become ill? When can we get back to the way life was? Amongst all this worry, there has been an overwhelming number of acts of kindness displayed in our programs and community.

The staff at Community Options in Syracuse have not only come to work but come to work with an attitude of, “We’ve got this”! They are covering for their sick or quarantined co-workers with no complaints. They are providing innovative in-home activities to keep everyone engaged. Staff spent a week making masks for each one of the individuals and their staff. We are providing trainings and meetings virtually and despite an early learning curve, we made it work and staff have ultimately embraced the concept.

One employee who has gone above and beyond is Leon Howze, who has been working whenever and wherever, regardless of the circumstances. Leon has even been working in a home that was under quarantine.

In a time when things seem bleak, there is that bright spot that is the caring and compassion of the people that surround us. Stay healthy! Read Newsletter.

Syracuse, NY