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Mary Pat Christie Joins with National Nonprofit to Promote Health and Wellness

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Mary Pat Christie, First Lady of New Jersey, Joins with National Nonprofit to Promote Health and Wellness through Valentine’s Day 5K
January 7, 2011 – (National Distribution) Community Options, a national nonprofit organization that supports people with disabilities, is working to promote greater health and wellness this Valentine’s Day. The organization has put together a national 5K Run, Cupid’s Chase, which will take place in 24 cities across 10 states on February 12, 2011.

The organization is fortunate to have Mary Pat Christie, First Lady of New Jersey as the Honorary National Chairperson of the Cupid’s Chase 5K Run hosted by Community Options. First Lady Christie is working with Community Options to bring greater awareness to the cause of the organization and to also promote corporate social responsibility and health and wellness.

“As Honorary Chair, I encourage your participation in Community Options Cupid’s Chase 5K Run,” says New Jersey’s First Lady Mary Pat Christie. “Through this worthy cause, you will be supporting and empowering people living with disabilities while at the same time promoting your own health and well-being.”

Community Options has hosted the 5K for three years and it has gained a large following of die-hard runners who are highly enthusiastic about the event. “With the help of Mary Pat Christie, this race is going viral,” says Robert Stack, President and CEO of Community Options.

“We had one registration every hour last week. Now with her support we are getting a registration almost every three minutes. I fully expect that by the day of the race, we will have well over 15,000,” Stack added.

Community Options has encouraged corporations to support their employees who are interested in participating in the Cupid’s Chase 5K Run. The organization has also offered to its own employees the opportunity to participate and if they do, they will receive an additional day of paid time off. “I want my employees to be healthy and I am proud to offer them this incentive to get and stay in shape,” added Stack.

To become involved with Community Options or the Cupid’s Chase 5K Run, please visit them at or call 609-951-9900. You can also find the organization on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.