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More great bosses

January 19, 2010 After releasing the eBossWatch Best Bosses of 2009 list last month, we received feedback from many people praising their own managers. We’d like to honor and feature some of these great bosses .

This is how their employees describe them:

■ Robert Stack is the founder, president and CEO of Community Options. Community Options is a national nonprofit organization that develops small, community-based homes and innovative employment opportunities for people with disabilities and has been doing so for over twenty years. Notably, this has been a tough year for everyone but for some reason, Robert has persevered and has taken us all along with him. With a workforce of over 2,500 people in 32 cities throughout 9 states, Robert has inspired his staff to open more homes, take more people with disabilities out of institutions and provide more employment opportunities all at the same time. When the economy got rough, Robert became more innovative. Robert has not made one layoff during the recession but instead has invested in more training and appropriate resources for our existing and new workforce. Robert is a complete inspiration and it would be so nice to profile someone who is running a true business with a social purpose that is changing the lives of so many people across the country.
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