Morris County Surrogate Candidate Visited Social Enterprise

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July 11, 2019 | | Parsippany Focus

MORRIS COUNTY — Morris County Freeholder Heather Darling visited the Daily Plan It in Morristown on Tuesday, July 9. The Daily Plan It is a business service provider offering mail and meeting room packages to businesses that do not need full-time dedicated office space. More importantly, while providing services to the business community, the Daily Plan It has a bigger purpose; to train and employ citizens with disabilities so that they are empowered through their contributions to society.

The environment at the Daily Plan It provides a professional setting for businesses while, at the same time, incorporates the perfect environment, equipment and support for the very specific needs of the individuals working within the business.

The Daily Plan It, Presents of Mind and Vaseful are New Jersey businesses created by Community Options Enterprises, Inc.; a non-profit organization whose mission includes developing and operating businesses that offer training and employment opportunities to people with disabilities. The goal of Community Options Enterprises, Inc. is to give disabled citizens an opportunity to contribute to society which, in turn, allows them to enjoy the same sense of pride and accomplishment that others obtain from their careers.

The importance of self-worth to individuals with disabilities is as important for any other segment of the population. Working offers individuals with special-needs a chance to develop their talents and expand into other job opportunities, gives a sense of financial independence, and helps them to connect socially.