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Nashville Business Journal honors local Nonprofit Executive

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Nashville Business Journal honors local Nonprofit Executive

Nashville, April 17, 2009: Community Options, Inc. of Nashville is celebrating their Executive Director, Hollie Campbell, who recently won the Nashville Business Journal’s 2009, 40 under 40 Award. This was the first time the Nashville Business Journal offered the 40 under 40 Award. Community Options, Inc. of Nashville has been developing appropriate community-based housing and innovative employment supports for people with developmental disabilities since 1999.

For 10 years, Hollie has been advocating on the behalf of persons with disabilities to ensure their voices are heard and that their lives are enriched by positive community relationships. Hollie has been instrumental in departing people with disabilities who have lived in unlawful and segregated state institutions for a majority of their lives. She has worked with numerous people to depart the Nat T. Winston institution and has developed community-based supportive living and dynamic employment supports for people with developmental disabilities. The Board of Director’s of Community Options, Inc. also awarded Hollie with the Leadership Award in 2007 due to her many accomplishments.

“The honor in our work is when a person with a disability moves into a new home that you have developed, when a new employment opportunity is offered, or a new meaningful relationship is started as a result of the work and the connections that you have made on behalf of that particular person, “ says, Hollie. “Hollie labors in silence and the fruits of that labor can be seen on the faces of the people that she is supporting everyday. Hollie is a dedicated leader and her enthusiasm is contagious, “says, Karen Hensley, Regional Vice President of Community Options of Tennessee.

Community Options is the nation’s fastest growing nonprofit organization supporting people with developmental disabilities and while this growth is substantial, the quality of our supports is never compromised. Community Options provides the highest level of quality support and innovation in all program design. Housing programs in Nashville are designed to assist people with disabilities moving from state facilities, nursing homes, or who are on waiting list for community services, to find housing in their community. Employment programs focus on individual competitive jobs or community volunteer placements. Community Options provides the evaluations, support and follow- up services required to assist individuals with pursuing employment, taking into consideration the special needs of each individual.

To learn more about us, to join us on our journey of supporting people with developmental disabilities and to congratulate Hollie on her award, please contact Hollie at or by calling (615) 885-1099. Please also visit us on the web at

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