Nasima Madbouhi’s Leadership in Utah

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Nasima Madbouhi - Senior Direct Support Professional

Nasima Madbouhi - Senior Direct Support Professional

During these turbulent times, the individuals in our care seek the stability provided by the heroes that work for Community Options. In Utah, many of the individuals have found their stability in Nasima Madbouhi. She has always had the attributes of a hero, which are further exemplified throughout these unprecedented times.

Beyond the earthquakes, shortage of supplies, and a potential lethal virus, Nasima is charged with the care of highly unpredictable individuals. Despite these unique situations, Nasima cultivates a culture of calm. She creates this culture by maintaining her emotions, confidently and accurately preparing for any situation, and never letting those in her care “fall through the cracks”. The individuals in her care and the administrative staff know they can rely on her, as evidenced by her actions.

Nasima made 72-hour kits before any stay at home orders were instituted. Further, she created normalcy by planning a safe Easter celebration and maintaining a daily routine. Watching Nasima create stability in these ways is nothing short of miraculous. There have been no extreme moments of crisis and the individuals maintain the same standard of living they have always enjoyed while in her care. Nasima is truly an example for us to follow and Utah is lucky to have her. Read Newsletter.

Ogden, UT