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National Nonprofit Flower Shop Teams up with Tribeca Retail Designer Event


National Nonprofit Flower Shop Teams up with Tribeca Retail Designer Event

(Friday, February 26, 2010, New Brunswick, New Jersey) – Vaseful, a Community Options Enterprise is a unique floral business which provides employment for people with disabilities in an integrated setting. Community Options is a national nonprofit organization that has been developing homes and employment supports for people with disabilities since 1989.

Vaseful is a highly successful floral business with a storefront base in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Don’t be fooled by the location; Vaseful has worldwide delivering capability and is also a favored vendor by brides and grooms in the tri-state area for their upcoming weddings through their “Weddings by Vaseful.”

Vaseful was recently given the opportunity to promote its social enterprise through The Tribeca Retail Designer Club event taking place on March 26, 2010 in New York City.

“The Tribeca Retail Club is proud to have Vaseful as one of the official sponsors of our nightlife and shopping event. We are excited at the opportunity to expose the Vaseful service and products to the attendees of our event,” says, Laura Littleton, President of Laura Little Productions and organizer of the event.

Vaseful is only one of the 7 entrepreneurial businesses that Community Options operates. The organization operates four Daily Plan It’s which are business incubators that support the small business community while providing vocational skills training for people with disabilities. Presents of Mind is a unique and upscale gift store that offers full online shopping capability.

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Tribeca Retail Designer Club event,” says, Morgan Hunter, Marketing Director of Community Options Enterprises. “This type of exposure is what gets our name out there and allows people to know about the great work Vaseful is doing and how imperative social enterprises are for vocational skills training for people with disabilities.” She added.

For more information about Vaseful or to order flowers, please visit or call 1877-VASEFUL. To learn more about Community Options please visit