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New Jersey Man With Disability Excited To See Nashville Country Music Festival

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PRINCETON, NJ – (September 10, 2014) In addition to providing housing and employment support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Community Options is dedicated to helping the people they support in achieving their goals and dreams.

Come mid-September, one of those persons will be Daniel Connell.  Originally from Trenton, NJ, Danny, a huge country music fanatic, will travel for five days to see the Americana Country Music Festival.  His flight is scheduled for Thursday, September 18, which just so happens to be the date of his 61st birthday.

“I remember being at my brother Joe’s house in Hamilton in 1994 and hearing country music for the first time.  I’ve loved it ever since,” said Connell, who lives in a Community Options group home in Lawrenceville, NJ.

He will get to see a lot of modern artists during the five-day tour, but his all-time favorite artists include Johnnie Horton, John Denver and the legendary Johnny Cash.  He is excited to hear Jake Owens, who sings Danny’s current favorite country song, “Barefoot Blue Jean Night.”

Danny’s tour will include plenty of other interesting activities.  Thanks to Guided Tour, the Festival is only the beginning of the fun for the country music fanatic.  Along the way, Danny will also see a performance at the Grand Ole Opry, a small concert venue that has been around for nearly 90 years.  He will receive a backstage tour as well.  Also planned is a Grayline tour of Nashville, where Danny will learn about the history and landmarks of the great city.  He’ll also get to ride on the General Jackson Showboat, where he’ll eat lunch on a paddlewheel boat on the Cumberland River and enjoy some live country music and entertainment.

Also on the docket is the Johnny Cash Museum, which is sure to be a dream haven for Danny.  The Country Music Hall of Fame is on the itinerary, an iconic place stocked with pictures and memorabilia from country music’s past and present.  Danny will also get to see The Dukes of Hazard Museum, a place dedicated to the classic 70s/80s TV show.

Danny will return to New Jersey on September 22, with a lot of pictures and great memories.
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