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February 07, 2020 | literock959.com

On-Demand: Cupid’s Chase

Sign up for the Cupid’s Chase 5K happening February 8, and support a good cause.

I'm Sheila Scruggs and we're telling you what's happening in and around the Upper Cumberland and delving a little deeper about Community Options their Cupid's Chase 5K is coming up Saturday, February 8th.

You can already get signed up for that right now and make sure you get a t-shirt Janette priest is the executive director and what Community Options does is help physically and mentally disabled folks live independently.

That's correct.

They live in their own homes independently with staff that support them 24/7 with anything from bathing to grocery shopping. We try to support them in anything that they need and your biggest fundraiser.

Is this 5K and it's been going on a long time 12th Annual Cupid's Chase 5K.

Yes, and it happens all over the country and it's kind of cool to think they're doing it on the same day. Yes the same day and the same time. I know it's close to close to Valentine's Day and it's going to be February 8th at Tennessee Tech.

They can sign up that day. They can also find you on Facebook Cookeville Community Options. That's correct.

Why did they choose to do them all on the same day? They just thought that that would be unique to our race because it's never been done before and it was actually are CEOs ideal. But what school is there so many different people that come in there. There's a great shirt. So you always have Cupid on the shirts. Yes, we do this year. We're going to Dri-FIT shirts. So, you know that's special in itself.

What time can they come and get registered that day registration starts at 8 o clock and the race will begin promptly at 10 a.m. Do they get guaranteed a shirt if they wait till that day, or is it best to sign up ahead of us to sign up ahead of time? It is best to sign up beforehand We only guarantee the first one hundred Runners the DRI-fit.

So do you get a lot of a lot of Runners and Walkers to oh, yes, we get Runners that are really into the race scene. And then we get people that just want to support us that will come and walk the 5K. And you have a lot of people that you helped take care of in this community.

Are you covering all of the Upper Cumberland? We yes, we take referrals through the department of intellectual and developmental disabilities and also through mcos now. So we take care of 25 people here in the Putnam County area with others to come so they can find out more by getting on the Facebook page and search Cookeville Community Options and find out more that way and you don't have to be a part of Community Options to be a part of Cupid's Chase 5K, and that's Saturday, February 8th and search them and sign up for it ahead of time. So you'll get one of those are really cool shirts.

I've been talking to executive director with Community Options Jeanette Priece. Thank you.