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Perriaye Powe - Direct Support Professional

Perriaye Powe - Direct Support Professional

There is an old adage that says trouble comes in threes. Although we are only a few months into 2020, we have already seen flooding, COVID-19, and tornado disasters. These events have affected the people we support in one way or another. However, Direct Support Professional Perriaye Powe has refused to let these challenges disrupt the excellent care she provides to the people we support. She is bold, passionate, accountable and she continues to shower our individuals with kindness during these times.

On April 12, 2020, Perriaye was working a 16-hour shift from 8am-12am. During the last hour of her shift, a tornado was scheduled to touch down and it was essential that shelter was sought. Due to the weather, her relief staff was unable to reach the home due to the damage in the area. Perriaye not only provided direct support to an individual who is both non-verbal and wheelchair bound, she was also on the phone allaying the fears of her distressed coworker who was caught in the storm. She was able to comfort the person supported as well as calm her relief staff enough to drive back home safely after the traumatic experience. By the time support was able to reach the home, Perriaye worked 24 hours straight. Based on her collected disposition, you would never have known it. Her calm and cool demeanor is evident regardless of the challenges she faces on a given day.

Thank you Perriaye, for all you do! Read Newsletter.

Chattanooga, TN