Choices 2020 Spring Special Edition Acts of Kindness

Christian, John, Latoya, and Anthony in the kitchen of a home in NYC

Choices 2020 Spring

Community Options' executive leadership discussing 2020 plans for its Texas regions at the annual planning meeting.

Choices 2019 Winter

Columbia, South Carolina

Choices 2019 Summer

Kaydee Conticelli, Executive Director for Community Options, met with Michelle Lujan Grisham, Governor of New Mexico, to talk about the reduction of the waiting list for people with developmental disabilities in that state.

Choices 2018 Winter

Johnny, who attends the Day Program in Allentown, Pennsylvania, enjoys the holiday season.

Choices 2018 Summer

Choices 2017 Winter

Bill Baldini and Dr. James Conroy

Choices 2017 Summer

Governor Larry Hogan Photo Credit: Executive Office of the Governor. Photographer: Joe Andrucyk Event: Bill Signing

Choices 2017 Spring

Vaseful Flowers & Gifts 1-877-VASEFUL • Logo

Choices 2016 Summer

Gail and Senator Gordon were honored during Community Options, Inc.’s spring iMatter Golf Classic at the Alpine Country Club in Demarest on May 23, 2016.