Choices 2017 Winter

Bill Baldini and Dr. James Conroy

Choices 2017 Summer

Governor Larry Hogan Photo Credit: Executive Office of the Governor. Photographer: Joe Andrucyk Event: Bill Signing

Choices 2017 Spring

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Choices 2016 Summer

Gail and Senator Gordon were honored during Community Options, Inc.’s spring iMatter Golf Classic at the Alpine Country Club in Demarest on May 23, 2016.

Choices 2016 Spring

Choices 2015 Fall

School to Employment Program (STEP) Group Photo

Choices 2015 Spring

Featured in photo standing left to right: David Sweeney, Courtney Eidel, C. Herbert Schneider, Robert Stack, Dr. Baber Ghauri, Audrey Chen & Paul Hritz

Choices 2014 Winter

Bill Wagner, Executive Director of Community Options Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Choices 2014 Summer

May, 2014 - Some key Community Options' staff members from across the country pose for a photo at the 8th annual iMatter Conference in Princeton, NJ.

Choices 2014 Spring

David Sweeney, Community Options’ CFO; Lisa Smith, Director Training & Quality Assurance; Megan Fielder, Director of Special Events; Courtney Eidel, VP of HR and Quality Management; Chris Thompson, Executive Director of NYC; Robert Stack, President and CEO; Yihong Dou-Stack; Steve Verba, Managing Director; Maria Bowles, Executive Director for Middlesex County in New Jersey; Tracy Mendola, Executive Director for Passaic/Sussex Counties in New Jersey; Svetlana Repic-Qira, Regional Vice President of New Jersey.