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Princeton Pioneer Working For What Matters

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Robert Stack, Founder, President and CEO of Community Options, Inc. at the national headquarters located in Princeton, New Jersey.

Robert Stack, Founder, President and CEO of Community Options, Inc. at the national headquarters located in Princeton, New Jersey.

“I cannot stress enough, if you look at how you can fulfill the needs of the other, you will fulfill your own needs. Your individual needs and the needs of others are mutually connected,” Robert Stack, Author of the recently released “I Matter, So does your Cause, Starting a Nonprofit.” I Matter is a nonprofit management book that brilliantly takes the real life experience of a man with a mission and demonstrates how he began and sustains one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the country. Stack is the President and CEO of Community Options. Community Options is a national nonprofit organization based in Princeton, New Jersey that supports people with developmental disabilities.

Over the past twenty-six years, Stack has been pioneering the manner in which people with developmental disabilities receive support services. In this book, Stack takes you on his journey of starting every facet of a nonprofit organization and all the trials, tribulations and joys that it comes with. He exquisitely breaks down each function of a nonprofit organization and lays the foundation of what you will need to have and know to be successful in starting your own organization. The books parallels the structure of running your nonprofit like a corporate business, which is what Stack has done with Community Options and is one of the many reasons the organization has been so successful.

I Matter So Does your cause starting a nonprofitThere were those times when Stack had to answer his wall phone in his kitchen in a different voice and pretend to hold the line while he got the actual Robert Stack on the phone, which was him all along. Stack was faking it until he made it, and made it, he did. Stack has created a replicable nonprofit infrastructure that any existing or up and coming nonprofit organization should take notice of if they have a desire to create mission adherence over decades of altered funding and policy landscapes.

Throughout his book, Stack touches on every aspect of running a nonprofit including fundraising to human resource matters. Stack is efficient at running his national nonprofit because he has taken the time to understand all facets of the organization. He has surrounded himself with a team and an employee base that is equally invested in mission of his organization. The theme throughout Stack’s book is what matters when running a nonprofit organization. The most important message Stack portrays is that YOU matter. What you believe in, matters, the work you want to do, matters and whom you do it with, matters.

In the fall, Stack will be lecturing at colleges across the world about not only his book, but nonprofit management as well.

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