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Program helps adults with disabilities

July 09, 2021 |

Thank you to Fox Carolina News for interviewing Christine and showcasing how far she has come. Christine just moved into her own apartment. We are so proud of her!

Video Captioning; We are committed to you. We are looking into a program for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Community Options in Greenville introduced us to one of their success stories, who is proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

And you’ll remember after we told you about a group of vulnerable adults being found in a unlicensed mobile home last month, we are highlighting a program that focuses on helping adults in similar situations across the upstate get back on their feet.

Fox Carolina’s Amber Worthy has this report it’s about providing opportunities and options that wouldn’t be attainable without a little help.

The goal is to ultimately set them up with keys to their own home despite their unique challenges.

“If I can do it other people can do it too”

Christine has unique challenges that she was often told, would hold her back.

“Telling yourself I can do this and I’m going to do it. I mean, don’t let nobody put you down.”

That is the motivation that led her to community options. A non-profit that works with people who have disabilities- working to get them a home to call their own.

Christine gave me the tour of her apartment, that is all hers.

You can advocate for a loved one in need, by getting them registered with the State Department of Disabilities and Special Needs.

That began Christine’s journey from a group home, to her own.

Malia Davis, the Executive Director Community Options says, “This inspires others. It gives people the hope that they can do that as well, that you are not limited, just because you have an intellectual disability, you can live the life that you dream of having and that other people have. So it gives them something to look forward to and strive for when they see individuals like Christine working full-time” 

Like Malia mentioned, Christine does have a full-time job to help support herself

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