Real Life Choices provides assistance to families in New Jersey caring for members with developmental disabilities at home, allowing families to remain together for as long as possible and empowering individuals and families to make decisions about their specific needs. The program is designed to provide individuals and their families with greater flexibility in identifying the services they need and want.

Real Life Choices focuses on supporting individuals living at home, providing such assistance as in-home respite, socialization and habilitation, individual supports, and supported employment, while ensuring that additional services, including residential, are available if necessary.



Real Life Choices’ professional staff provides supports to individuals during the temporary absence of a parent, guardian, or other immediate caregiver.


With the assistance of our trained professional staff, individuals will:

  • Develop socially appropriate behaviors and interpersonal skills.
  • Develop appropriate grooming, dress, and self-care habits, such as toileting.
  • Receive assertiveness and advocacy training in dealing with citizenship, legal, family, and/or social needs.

Individual Supports

Based on the needs of the individual, staff members will:

  • Assist with all personal care needs
  • Escort individuals to clinics, physician’s offices, recreational activities, trips, or other community outings.
  • Care for individual’s personal laundry and bed linen
  • Train individuals in skills such as money management, utilizing public transportation, solving problems, using the telephone, telling time, and handling emergencies

Supported Employment

Individuals interested in employment will receive assistance in:

  • Job development
  • Job coaching
  • Follow along assistance
  • Obtaining competitive employment

Respite, Habilitation, Individual Supports, and Supported Employment services provided statewide.

For further information please contact:

Community Options, Inc.
16 Farber Road
Princeton, NJ 08540

Ph: 609-951-9900