Senator Bob Menendez

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Community Options Advocates to Senator Menendez for International Children with Disabilities

December 7, 2022
Community Options Executive Vice President Svetlana Repic-Qira with United States Senator Bob Menendez

December 07, 2022 | Press Release.pdf Washington, DC – Community Options, the leading national nonprofit supporting people with disabilities, met with United States Senator Bob Menendez in Washington, DC to…

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Choices 2006 Fall

October 28, 2006
Another Successful Event. Robin Turner & Diane Gruskowski at the 2nd ANNUAL Ride for Danielle’s Law | September 23, 2006.

Choices Fall 2006 President’s Corner Recently, I had dinner with the New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez while meeting on housing and employment issues with Governor Richardson in Santa Fe. I…

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