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Texas Woman Elevating Community Options San Antonio To Next Level

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PRINCETON, NJ (December 2, 2015) – Monica Mendiola has only been with Community Options for 18 months, but her high energy, passion, and enthusiasm has already earned her the responsibility of Executive Director of San Antonio. What is the secret to her success? Her deep-rooted commitment to serving individuals with disabilities.

“The one thing I want to be sure I change while I am Executive Director of San Antonio is, the culture,” said Mendiola. “Not the culture of those we surround our individuals with, but of the individuals themselves.”

Born and raised in Bruni, Texas, she earned a B.S. in Fitness and Sports with a specialization in Special Education from Texas A&M International University in 2011. She started with Community Options in June 2014 as a Quality Assurance Coordinator. By February of this year, she was promoted to Program Director before taking her current post in June. Monica’s professional experience includes educational programming for students with disabilities. She led regional efforts to implement a tutoring program for low-income families with children with special needs.

Monica’s strategic vision for San Antonio residential, employment, and day programs incorporates her strong background in educational programming. San Antonio programs integrate rich, varied opportunities for learning including social activities such as field trips, visiting museums and libraries as well as cooking classes. Monica is resourceful and uses staff talent to stretch the budget.

“I want them to feel invincible, empowered and educated,” Mendiola said of her residents. “I want them to stop thinking they do not deserve much because of where they are, but that they deserve the world because of who they are!”

Monica’s passion is infectious for both her colleagues and her residents. Her commitment energizes and motivates her staff to keep giving. San Antonio staff often volunteers additional time and donate items for individuals served. The future is bright for the San Antonio community thanks to Monica Mendiola’s passion.

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For over 25 years, Community Options has developed housing and employment programs for people with disabilities. Community Options operates with a budget over $107 million and serves thousands of people with disabilities through 38 offices across 10 states. Providing advocacy assistance to empower people with disabilities, Community Options believes that all people –regardless of disability level – should live and work in the community with dignity, choice, and self‐determination. A registered PVO with USAID, Community Options is also the pioneer of innovative programs for people with disabilities in the Middle East, Russia, and South America. Please visit our website at