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The HCBS Business Acumen Center 2018 Stories from the Field Contest Winners

March, 2018 | online article

The HCBS Business Acumen Center launched the Stories from the Field Contest in March 2018 to collect examples of business strategies used by disability community-based organizations (CBOs) to sustain or grow their community-based business. This contest was designed to encourage community-based organizations serving people with disabilities to share their experiences building new business relationships, negotiating contracts, and expanding or establishing new lines of business.

The winners of the 2018 Stories from the Field Contest are:

Community Options Enterprises, a subsidiary of Community Options, a national non-profit organization, was selected for the third place award. Community Options Enterprises developed the Daily Plan It, a complete office, conference, and copy center that offers office rental space or virtual tenancy to a variety of businesses. There are four locations in New Jersey that provide an avenue for people with disabilities to work. The Daily Plan It is a self-sustaining business model with a hybrid payer structure, where customer purchased services and office rentals support the cost of operations.