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Versatile Evelyn an Integral Part of Somerset County Community

Versatile Evelyn an Integral Part of Somerset County Community

Evelyn is a very loving, outgoing and active young lady. When you walk into the Hillsborough office in Somerset county on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday afternoon, you are greeted with her warm smile. She is always ready to give a compliment and make you feel good inside.

Evelyn started working with Community Options, Inc. in October of 2011. She was hired as the receptionist to our Administrative assistant. She is quick to jump up and ask how she can help you. Some of her responsibilities at the office are answering phones, checking grocery card amounts, replenishing supplies, filing, picking up mail, making copies as well as the overall upkeep of the office. A hard-working employee, Evelyn is very much prepared for any new task sent her way. She strives to ensure that whatever she is assigned to do, that she completes it 100%.

Evelyn does not live in a residential program run by Community Options, Inc., however, she is part of our family. If she knows someone birthday is coming up, she will make sure that no one in the office forgets. She will get them a card and have everyone sign it. She knows how to make people feel good. I think she teaches us more than we can teach her. We are so proud of all her hard work and her great opportunity to work in the community. Evelyn has many skills and abilities that are being utilized and we are happy to be part of her growth.

Evelyn is active in other ways in her community. She is the President for “Advocates for Change” and Vice President for The New Jersey Statewide Self-Advocacy Network. She was recently acknowledged with the ‘Collen Fraser Self-Advocate Award for all her efforts in advocacy and leadership. Evelyn is an avid, long-time competitor in the Special Olympics years, winning gold medals in the 15 meter dash and softball throw.

When she’s not busy, Evelyn enjoys quality time with her family the most. She also enjoys being with her group home, preparing for Olympics, her pet fish, bowling, being the cook of the week, movies, shopping, and enjoying special occasions.

Somerset County, NJ