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Volunteers Paint Santa Fe Resident’s Room Pink

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Peggy Sue, sporting her pink outfit, can't wait to see her room painted in the same color.

PRINCETON, NJ, JULY 30, 2015 — Peggy Sue, a Santa Fe woman with developmental disabilities, recently moved into a small, accessible Community Options’ home with her wheelchair. Provided with ramps and easily accessible bathrooms, Peggy Sue’s only other requirement was that she wanted her bedroom painted pink. Community Options’ Santa Fe/Albuquerque Executive Director Bill Wagner, who manages programs in the two cities, organized a paint party of volunteers to bust out the rollers and brushes so Peggy could have her pink room.

“When we talk about self determination, it’s really all about choice for persons with developmental disabilities” said Mr. Wagner of Community Options, a nonprofit agency with the mission of developing housing and employment support for persons with disabilities.

“I like it and it makes me happy that this is MY PINK room,” said Peggy.

Mr. Wagner also places people with developmental disabilities into meaningful jobs. Federal and state resources, in addition to fundraisers, fund community Options.

“Right now we have a wonderful 5K race in Santa Fe and Albuquerque on Valentine’s Day weekend,” said Wagner. “The race is called “Cupid’s Chase” and runners can get an ‘available’ or ‘unavailable’ shirt based on their status of either having or looking for a mate.”

Several volunteers paint Peggy Sue's room in her favorite color, pink.

“We are becoming a larger part of the community; we have wonderful volunteers who help connect us with jobs and volunteer opportunities for those we work with,” said Mr. Wagner, when asked what the future holds for Community Options. “In the future I hope we can find jobs in interesting places; places driven by the interest of the individuals we work with. It is about becoming a part of the community, through work, through volunteering, even in the recreational activities Peggy and others like her choose. It is all about choice.”

“People with disabilities are in the driver’s seat so to speak. We will help them find a job that they really want and a place that they would like to live, even if it means painting the room pink.”

To volunteer or get involved, go to or call Bill Wagner, Executive Director, 505-989-1471.


About Community Options

For over 25 years, Community Options has developed housing and employment programs for people with disabilities. Community Options operates with a budget over $107 million and serves thousands of people with disabilities through 38 offices across 9 states. Providing advocacy assistance to empower people with disabilities, Community Options believes that all people –regardless of disability level – should live and work in the community with dignity, choice, and self‐determination. A registered PVO with USAID, Community Options is also the pioneer of innovative programs for people with disabilities in the Middle East, Russia, and South America. Please visit our website at