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Warehousing of People with Disabilities is a Moral Offense

Courier Post Online May 18, 2009

Warehousing of People with Disabilities is a Moral Offense

On February 9, 1989, Robert Stack, President and CEO founded Community Options, Inc. around his kitchen table in Bordentown, NJ. Community Options is a nonprofit organization that develops housing and employment supports for people with disabilities. Community Options is considered the fastest growing nonprofit organization with 24 offices across 9 different states.

Community Options held it’s Annual iMatter Conference on May 13th-15th and the organization had Assemblyman Greenwald (D-Camden) as the distinguished keynote for the iMatter Conference.

Not only was Assemblyman Greenwald’s keynote inspirational, it motivated everyone in the room. Participant’s from across the country were in awe of Assemblyman Greenwald and his dedication to supporting people with disabilities in community settings. “Warehousing people with disabilities is a moral offense, ” said Greenwald. Community Options has participated in institutional closure across several states to ensure that people with disabilities are able to choose the life they want to live.

“We need to bring the way we care for the developmentally disabled into the 21st century,” said Greenwald. “By investing in community-based programs rather than traditional institutionalized models, we can both save taxpayers money and provider higher-quality care.” Greenwald goes on to say, “ The important work being done by Community Options furthers our shared goal of creating more choices and better care for people with developmental disabilities and their families.” To learn more about Community Options, please visit them on the web at

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